Shilan Shewki, Art Director/Creative, true crime connoisseur, part time mukbanger, full time pessimist, based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Being a pessimist may not be the most likeable trait to emphasize - but it's in the problems that I find myself truly thriving. Like knowing that the world sperm count will reach 0% by 2045. Or that millions of pints of beer get stuck in moustaches only to evaporate into thin air? Or that gen z:ers attention span is so limited that you only have about 8 seconds before they’ve lost all interest. In short, my creativity is rooted in things that make us go: Why isn’t anybody talking about this?!
So if you'd like to see what my fascination with weird problems has led to this far - click on any of the ones written above. Or maybe you'd just like to philosophize about wild, wild wonders of the world. In that case, get in touch!

Åkestam Holst, Art Director, apr 2022 
Garbergs, Creative Intern, dec 2021-jan 2022
Forsman & Bodenfors, Creative Intern, may-june 2021
:PART Global, Creative Content Creator, jan-aug 2021
Futurniture, Creative Intern, jun-jul 2017

Berghs SoC, Art Director, 2020-2022

The One Show / Young Ones, Portfolio Winner, 2022
The One Show / Young Ones, Silver Pencil, 2022
The One Show / Young Ones, ADC Silver Cube, 2022
The One Show / Young Ones, ADC Silver Cube, 2022

“Resume Q&A - Shilan Shewki- Hedvig och Oatly visar hur..”
“Berghs-studenter prisas av The One Club”
“Möt Sveriges nästa reklamproffs”
From Chaos Festival - Berghs Student Support Group


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